"I have never attended a writing workshop and was not sure what we would be doing. I learned the power of a moving hand along a page, the release that comes with writing the words and the insight discovered on reading them back."

Mayor Karen Sorensen


2020 Workshops


Wild Writers Retreat

with Sonya Lea


Banff National Park,


Sept 17th - 20th, 2020

A writing and wilderness adventure into the portal of character.

How do we give our bodies to our stories? Whether we're writing ourselves as a character, or writing a fictional character, how do we ask the brave questions of our work, including what we want to be writing about?


Workshops/Retreats/Programs.. (whatever you want to call them)

We could all use a little imagination. Get out of your head, out of your skin, out of your ego, out of the front door into the world and discover a new heightened sense of creative awareness. Become wildly receptive to the cues of nature & the muses. 
You may find there’s an abundance of support, guidance & collaboration to be had. You may find there’s an infinite row of creative springboards from which to jump into your work. 
Here’s the catch, if you don’t look it’s not there.


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Image by Diana Parkhouse