Our Story

The core philosophy behind TrueElk is based on the synergy between environment and creativity.  TrueElk stands for authenticity and integrity. Based in the stunning panorama's of the Rocky Mountains of Canada, we believe in bringing intimate groups of people together in NATURE to reconnect with themselves and be restored. We connect inspirational Poets, Writers, Teachers and Artists with groups of like-minded people to receive guidance.  


Sarah Packford

Founder & Director

I came to Canada from London in December of 2016 with little notion of what it meant to live in a small Canadian town in the middle of winter.  I soon acclimatised to minus thirty days, hat hair, wandering Elk and quickly fell in love with the Mountains. 

Having attended many writing workshops around the world including Greece, America and England I instantly felt a pull to bring others to these mountains.  

Growing up in a family hotel (Packfords Hotel) provided me with a lot of experience in organising & hosting events. TrueElk is the perfect combination of my passion for writing, my love of the Canadian Rocky mountains and my years of hospitality experience.  It has taken me back to my roots and is allowing me to do what I do best which is to create unforgettable experiences for people in a place that I've come to call home.